Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Will you take me away? Will you make me your wife?

It's been over 9 months since Adam and I said "we do".  We got our digital photos within a few weeks of the wedding but still need to place our order for the fancy album.  We want to pick out a handful of our favorite pics and let them design the rest.  It's been on our "to do" list since about May 2011.

But today we found a little surprise video from our photographers on the Book of Face!

Click here to find us on Vimeo!

Whee!  So fun to live it over again!

Adam and I did discuss taking the video and personalizing the music and this is how it went:

Bingo!  Maybe this weekend we will see if we can scrap the cheesy love song and throw down some Meatloaf!

I gotta know right now
Before we go any further
Do you love me?
Will you love me forever?

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