Friday, February 10, 2012

Wardrobe Challenge! ~ Winter Remix, by What I Wore

I love wardrobe challenges!  I have a huge amount of clothes and I challenge myself to purge, or to shop less, or to try to wear something in a couple of different ways. If there's an item that I haven't worn in ages, I will give myself an ultimatum: "Selfyou better wear this shirt/skirt/dress by the end of the week - or else!" OR ELSE!!!!!

I plan to write about a couple of my past experiences with self-imposed challenges, however the challenge I'm working on this weekend is sponsored by a fashion blog that I follow, What I Wore:

"Pick one item from your closet then style and photograph it two ways."

I am working this one out this weekend and writing a follow-up post later next week. It's a lot less daunting than an ultimatum or a big Salvation Army donation. (I'm getting my hair did on Saturday, so I'm going to wait to take pictures after that!)

You should enter with me!!!!! Pleeeeeease?!?!

Click here for the rules and how-to and also send me your pics so I can post them here, too!  Fun! Fun! Hurry up!

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