Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Color of Buffalo in the Winter

via SYDNE Style (so 2010)

Gray. So neutral. So not black. So wintery, yet perfectly evening no matter the season. When I change out of work clothes or into something warmer for a cold night at home or running errands I will often wear all gray. Lots of comfy clothes come in gray. 

Side Note
As I started writing about my love for gray, 
I had to do a little googling into which way to spell "gray".  
Here's what I learned (in a pretty illustration):
Quote from Bernzilla, pic by me

Gr-e-y is the old-world (UK) version and gr-a-y is the American version. 
Both are common and acceptable spellings and can be used by anyone, 
no matter their nationality.

I am obsessed with pairing gray and brown.  I feel it's a very mature color combo, something I would NOT have done just a couple of years ago. I've been "down" with brown and black for a few years and now don't like to wear one without the other. If I've learned anything from Stacy and Clinton, it's that they are all neutrals, and all neutrals match anything.

How do you do brown and gray?  More importantly, how do you spell g-r-a-y?

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