Thursday, February 9, 2012

Put Some Clothes On! ~Red Pants

I have a lot of clothes.  All kinds of clothes; too big, too tight, slightly damaged, worn 'just right', out dated, pre-dated, favorites, over-used, pilly, too short (yet rarely too long), too loud and too bland. I'm always looking for fresh combinations of my old clothes or new ones (shopping is my best friend).

Before Pinterest became my main source for fashion inspiration I would scour through all kinds of blogs looking for outfits that real women wear on real days in real life. (As opposed to fashion magazine models who are really skinny and perfectly styled and photographed). I still follow these blogs but I love to pin my favorite outfits on my fashion board. Before dressing up for a night out I will often browse the outfits to get a new idea for what to wear, or often, how to wear something different.

Earlier this fall I became obsessed with red pants:

via Rose a la Mode

via Bittersweet Colours
via this lovely website

via What a Nerd Would Wear

So, I shopped and got these:

I'm new at self portraits...
oh, and what a bad hair day.

Pants by Candies, probably from Kohl's
Sweater from Forever 21

They need a bit of tailoring, as there's a waistband gap in the back.  Otherwise, I'm super excited about the purchase and can't wait to try to style it like some of the fancy girls above.  

Eventually I plan to link all my favorite blogs on this site.  But for now, I've listed just a few below (I don't know any of these ladies personally).

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