Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Put Some Clothes On! ~ Leggins

I have a hard time rockin' the leggings - I ho and hum about wearing them out in public as I just don't know how to style them. I do have a new pair of jeggings (I can't believe this is a real word), but I haven't tried to squeeze into them yet.

So, earlier this week I tried this:  Oversized sweater, belt, leggings, leg warmers and boots.  I ended up changing out the bright orange belt later in the day for a wide white one (no pic, sorry).  I think the orange belt was better anyway.

Also, I'm into jumping pics now:

I don't know if I would go any shorter on the sweater, I would feel strange not covering up the bum.  Definitely wouldn't have it peeking out at work...

I wouldn't wear these either (aren't they crazy?!)

Alexander McQueen via AnOther
Via Black Milk Clothing

Do you think leggings + oversized sweater is appropriate for work?  Do you think it's just a fleeting trend or is it sticking around for awhile? Would you wear anatomy leggings? What about tetris leggings?

Via Black Milk Clothing (MORE FUN STUFF HERE!!)

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