Saturday, February 4, 2012


I stressed myself out this morning and crazy-like started cleaning the house.  We have 4 cats after combining both of our 2-cat households.  It takes a lot of work to tend to, entertain and clean up after these little rugrats. But - they are so frickin' cute!

Nope, none of our cats look like this.
I'm sure there will be plenty of cat pictures on this blog, just you wait.

Our oldest cat is very sick and we are doing what we can to make sure he is medicated, comfortable and loved.  It's horribly inconvenient for us to be administering diabetes shots and hypothyroidism pills twice a day, on a strict schedule. But, that's not a good reason to put him down. He probably has some kind of digestive cancer, but we have decided to stop diagnosing him because our vet won't treat cancer, and we wouldn't want to, either.  He has lost about half his body weight in the last couple of months and is still throwing up all the time.  TMI, I know.  But, the vet said that as long as he wants to eat, he wants to live.

Our sick buddy, Cecil
I did not grow up with animals. This kind of patience and love for the cat is new to me and is being shown to me by Adam, as his capacitance for patience and love far surpasses mine. I mean, rawr! we have 3 other cats and Cecil is 13 years old! OMG, I'm a horrible person. This is stressful.  Cecil and I have been together for 13 years. That's a long time.  Some people won't take their animals to the vet, and I don't blame them.  I feel very stuck in the middle of the $$, ethics and basic cat-love issues that a very sick cat brings up. I feel lucky to have a husband who is a better animal lover (and person) than I am.

So, I needed a walk to decompress.  (I think I have other stressors going on besides the cat... more on that later). It's a good example of a Saturday doing what it's supposed to do.  Cleaning, walking, (not being at work), decompressing, baking (WHAT?) and going out to a wonderful dinner with the boy.

So, about the baking:  I came home from the walk and messed up my clean kitchen tried some baking.  Now, please note that Adam is the cook/ baker in the family.  Not me, even when pretending.  I also try to follow a Primal lifestyle.  I will probably address this in another post on another day.  But, today - I made my second attempt to make a Primal Banana Bread.  The recipe has no sugar or flour.  It calls for almond flour instead. (Um, can someone explain to me the importance of sifting and why it's feels SO unnecessary to me?) The sugar comes from the ripe bananas.  With anything paleo/ primal, you're never going to get the sugary or savory goodness we all crave - at least that's my excuse for these dry, bland muffins I made today. Ideally, I should be free of my sugar addictions, since sugar is a drug.  Really, I believe this to be true.

Today I came up with a new reason I hate to cook (besides the fact it makes a mess in my kitchen):  I am extremely right-handed.  My left hand is the runt of the appendages. It should wear a dunce hat. I don't know how I play viola, or cut meat (awkward), or tie my shoes successfully.  So, there are some things in the baking steps that would require some better left-hand/ right-hand coordination. I am not deft enough in the cooking vernacular to explain any of the kinds of things I had to do today with both hands.  I will tell you that it takes me more bowls and utensils and measuring apparatusi (apparatus plural??) than you would think.  I also needed to borrow Adam's cooking measurements calculator because I am so blockheaded when it comes to kitchen terms and measurement equivalents. Gah!  That's hard to admit on a blog.  It's almost like admitting that I can't swim.  Yep, that too.  What else should I disclose since I'm on a roll?

I should take a picture of the muffins. It's not like they would make you salivate or make you keep reading my blog, so never mind.  I'm still gonna eat em.

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