Sunday, February 26, 2012

No Pants Challenge ~ Week 1

As I mentioned in my Fat Tuesday post, I gave up pants for Lent.  It's a 6 week fashion challenge where I will wear only skirts and dresses.  And maybe leggings - but the jury is still out on that.

Here's the low down of week 1:

Thursday, Feb 23, work wear:  I could have belted the sweater for more structure.  The color of the turtleneck is like a dark magenta or cerise and I paired it with a crocheted skirt and tough girl boots!  I like the dainty-ness of the skirt with the leather and belted boots.  The winter scarf was a necessary accessory since I was still a little sick (I could sneeze into it, yeah, ew).

Still a little red-nosed from being sick...
Friday, Feb 24, work wear:  This is my first try at layering a button-up blouse in a long time.  It's always awkward getting it all on and sitting right, but I like how it wears once you get there.  I now belt everything, which is pretty new for me and totally inspired by all the fashion blogs I read.  Belts are my new scarves!  I loved how the orange belt was the only orange in the whole outfit and was a great pop of color on the teal sweater. 

This long structured skirt only comes out once or twice a year and I need to learn how to boot it, because I didn't like the ankle booties I wore with it this day. I see the ankle booties all over the place and they always feel oversized and sloppy from my view.  In the above pics I am wearing leg warmers, but not here:

How to wear booties?

Friday night birthday party outfit:  I felt like ample time had passed since I last wore my favorite faux fur vest, as I don't want it to lose its specialness.  The other pieces are smooth and clean, so I liked that the vest added some puff and scruff to the outfit.  Puff and scruff.

Saturday, Feb 25 for a casual, errand-running kind of day:  There was snow in the morning, so I wore the big boots with my head-shop skirt.  Yep, it still smells like patchouli and yep, that's a hand-stitched peace sign, man.

I wore my DIY zipper bracelets that I made while following this tutorial. Besides belts, bracelets are a new personal favorite accessory, and I love the look of matching each wrist, a la Wonder Woman.  

Sunday, Feb 26, quartet rehearsal: I'm a sucker for brown and gray, as I find it easy and casual.  I wish the tights were more opaque, the sheerness made it feel more like a work day and less like a Sunday.

 After rehearsal I changed into gray leggings and my toms to wear around the house.

I'm excited that this challenge is under way.  I have at least 3 skirts that I've never worn, 1 that's been in the closet for quite some time.  Now if I can just come up with a better name for said challenge other than "No Pants Lent"... any thoughts?


  1. Hahahahaha Galley Bomb on Sun the 26th! Meow >.<

    1. Cecil Bomb on Friday work wear, too!

  2. "No Pants Lent" is an awesome name for this challenge! And I love the skirt in that first picture.

    I struggle with booties sometimes too. I'm really tall so I think I can just wear booties with everything but they do, admittedly, look best with an above-the-knee skirt. Unfortunately I don't really do above-the-knee skirts even though I love booties. So, I've found that matching tights or leggings help keep your legs long.

  3. Hi Gracey! Good point about the matching legging/ tights to the booties, because otherwise the booties really do chop off your leg at a weird place.

  4. I LOVE your blog...Great photos!Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower. Please check mines out and follow me if you’d like =)

    1. Hi! Thanks for the sweet comment - how exciting! Your blog is great and colorful and you and your sister are beautiful and very well dressed ;)

      I'm following you now, too!