Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Pants Challenge ~ Mix It Up, Mild

The mixed-patterns motif has been revealing its goodness to me all over Pinterest and my favorite everyday fashion blogs.  In seasons past, I would wear an old pair of leopard flats and bravely wear them with easy or soft patterned top, and I thought I was edgy.  But, this new wave of pattern mixing can be beautifully reckless.

Here is just one, of many, high-end runway examples coming out of the the latest collections:

via JustBeMagazine seen at London Fashion Week by Mary Katrantzou
And here is an example of pretty much every model and outfit on the Anthropology website:

I want to go more extreme with the pattern chaos than I already have, but here's my starting point - today's outfit of flower patterned tights and a striped turtleneck, all locked together with a simple cotton black dress, belted (of course):

These tights are a little bit ugly.  I probably could have paired them with a shirt that was a little more 'girly' and less 'jailhouse' to better compliment the childlike, coloring-book-flower-pattern tights. I also could have tried the outfit with black flats (or the leopard flats and the zebra belt?!) Baby steps...

So - yay or nay on the pattern mixing?

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