Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Muffin Tops (I Can't Cook)

I really can't cook.  Gawd!  I really can't.

So, since I've been following the Primal Blueprint diet I find breakfast to be a little tough.  We have a cafeteria at work that I can order a custom breakfast, which is usually a fried egg with sausage and tomato.  But, they use a pretty nasty canola spray on the grill top.  In an attempt to make my own breakfast that I can grab-n-go from my fridge I made a recipe from Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint Cookbook, which is very similar to this:

Omelet Muffins
Alright!  Looks yummy! Let's cook!


There's a part of the recipe that instructed me to either "generously grease" the pan or use paper muffin cups.  I bought the freaking paper cups, but they were too big.  So I generously greased the stupid pan.  I used some coconut oil by way of a melon-baller to scoop it out of the jar.  I spread it all over the muffin holes (cups?).

Next, I fried up some sausage links, cut up some red pepper and added it to 7 medium eggs and mixed it all up with my pretty piggy egg beater:

Meanwhile, the coconut oil melted a bit into the muffin pan - because it was on the stove and the oven was warming up - which I thought was a good thing (um, no!)

I popped them in the oven, set the timer and sat down to watch a guilty pleasure reality show on Hulu that I'm too embarrassed to admit to here (but you can guess).

Sigh again.

After 20 minutes they were looking bubbly and greasy, and not ready at all.  I must have waited another 20-30 minutes before I actually took them out of the stupid oven. They were still a little greasy, but cooked.  And wouldn't you know it - the goshdarned muffins were totally stuck to the stupid pan.  Ugh.  I suck.  

Voila! Egg muffins!  Yum.

I think the melted coconut oil just mixed in with the eggs and didn't do it's job to act like a paper cup.  That would explain why they took so long to cook and why I had to mutilate excavate them like from the pan and pout my lower lip like this:

Sad blogger, can't cook.
I'm still going to eat them.  Imma gonna proudly zap them in the office microwave and show off my kitchen skillz to all my coworkers in the morning - I can almost feel that promotion coming!  yee-haw!

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