Friday, February 17, 2012

Monday's Fashion Challenge

On Monday these photos of me appeared on What I Wore's Winter Remix Challenge:

But, it was just pictures without any words.  So, since I have my own blog, I'm-a-gonna put some words here about said challenge.  First, I had a lot of fun putting the outfits together and loved being part of the group of bloggers that submitted their photos!

Next, I really did wear the casual outfit on Sunday before I photographed it, then I put together the other outfit just for the challenge.  Since I will be swearing off pants for Lent (more on that later) I will make sure to actually wear the skirt/ blazer outfit to work sometime before Easter.

I picked up this grey shirt on sale at Target last weekend.  In the casual outfit I used the shirt to add some texture and interest to the grey long sleeved shirt.  It was a comfortable layer - not too tight or bulky.  I liked the monochrome look, as it was perfectly casual with the plastic orange beaded necklace:

For the non-casual look (I'd hate to call it "dressy" or "office"), I layered it over a tight, white tank and tucked it into the black skirt. After adding a belt and a blazer and it was officially remixed! I don't often tuck in, but it's a look that I want to start working with - I've been seeing tops tucked-in on all the outfit blogs I follow. This challenge was a good excuse to try it and to document it.

Do you prefer the white belt or the beige one?  What about the necklace change up?

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  1. I like the outfit just as you submitted it- beige belt, chunky necklace.