Monday, February 13, 2012

Leg Warmers

This!  I've been sporting leg warmers for the past few seasons.  And I really hope they are still fun a year from now.
via Roaring Design
via Burda Style
I love the pics where they are worn with jeans - I need to try it and document it!

via Made By Lex
via Etsy

I usually wear them sticking out from a boot over tights, but occasionally wear them over a bootie or with a flat. I like the long ones with a skirt because I will pull them all the way up for the drive to work in the cold mornings. Functional! 

Adam has made me a couple of pairs from thrifted sweaters (!!), plus I have a 5 or 6 store bought pairs. I've heard that the best place to buy leg warmers is from a dance store. duh. I haven't tried this yet. I know the black/white pair are from the new Claire's store for older tweens called Icing. They can sell bejeweled flasks and wedding jewelry, whereas that would be inappropriate for Claire's.  At least that's what the clerk told me when I asked about the difference between the identical stores.

Anyway, these 1st three pairs on me below are all store bought. The middle pair are actually a bright turquoise - which I'd like to explain since the colors in that middle pic are so off.  The sweater is a light pink and the skirt is a camel corduroy. I don't know why it looks green.

These next 3 pairs all started out as sweaters. My talented husband transformed them for me! The middle pair is quite warm and thick, but the black and grey and the green striped pair are both pretty thin and merely act as accessories without warming up any legs.

Is it silly to wear leg warmers that don't warm legs?

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  1. I still don't have ANY! :( I feel like I should knit some so I never buy any, but I never have time to knit anything that's not a gift. *sigh* First world problems...