Saturday, February 18, 2012

Larry Birds

Ah!  The mailman was my friend last week when this shirt showed up on my stoop:

Bird shirt from ASOS

I found ASOS on Pinterest, I'm pretty sure.  I was impressed with all the interesting shapes and patterns in their catalog.  However, I think the sizes seemed to run a little small (or else I'm running a little big - boo!)

I wore the shirt with my almost black Calvin Klein skinnies and booties. The birds are a rosey-metallic color and I paired it with a blackish-metallic belt. I think all metallics match, or "go together" in a regular old casual Friday outfit.  I got compliments on the shirt all day, from friends and people who usually don't talk to me! ...maybe I'll get promoted. heh. :)

So, I'm still into the jumping pics since it puffs up my hair and raises my, um, chest. Although, I think it hurts my back a little:

These pics make me laugh and the shirt made me smile all day. I think wearing clothes that make you smile is a great strategy to get through these last days (weeks, months) of winter. I NEED WARMTH, and WALKS, and SUNSHINE! Ya feel me???

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