Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Weekend

I am lucky enough to get out of work EVERY Friday at 1pm.  It's like summer hours all year long.  But, it's Buffalo - which is geographically very unlike summer all year long.

I try to get my butt out-of-the-doors on a regular basis.  When there is still daylight after work, I love to take regular neighborhood walks.  But winter makes that tough.  I could walk after dark, but I like to be out in the sunshine (or Buffalo daylight grey-shine).

Today I started my Friday-after-work with a long brisk walk.  There is no snow on the ground, but the air wouldn't melt it if it was there.  I spent half the walk with a new friend and was able to really relax and clear my head before I got home. It felt wonderful!

Is it possible to acquire Vitamin D from an overcast sky?

Fridays are also really great for getting all kinds of stuff done (if I don't have to take the sick kitty to the vet).  I like to make phone calls to long distance friends, grocery shop, clean house, run errands or do laundry.  If I take a nap or waste hours browsing Perez Hilton or Hulu, I end up in a pretty rotten mood by the end of the day. It's not that I can't relax, but I feel like if I'm going to relax, I want to do it purposefully - with a walk or some quiet time reading a book or painting a picture. I can waste time any time of the day or weekend on the stupid internet, right?

And naps.  Love, hate. If I need a nap, it probably means I'm either sick, stressed or just off balance. The recovery time from an afternoon nap usually takes as long as the nap itself.  And to me that just adds up to more wasted down time.  I need to take lessons from the cats on how to take a 20 minute "power nap", but I'm still not convinced these things exist.  

I also practiced viola and met my book club out for 3+ hour dinner. I was home in time to drink some tea, write this post and watch an episode of Project Runway All Stars (I hate Austin's mustache!) with the hubby. Pretty perfect Friday, really.

Have a great night!

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