Sunday, February 19, 2012

Glassy Eyed

Oh!  I did something really really fun this weekend!  The hubby and I drove to Corning, NY and visited the Corning Museum of Glass. Hoo-Wee! It was FAB-U-LOUS!

This was my first trip to the CMOG (OMG!), even though its just 2.5 hours away from Buffalo.  I've only lived here for 5 years, so it's forgivable, right? We could have used more time to take more classes. We learned that you can use your admission ticket for a second day if you need more time.  I tried really hard to convince Adam to stay in town another night so we could hit up the hotel's jacuzzi again visit the museum again the next day, but we needed to get home to the cats.

Anyway, what can a glass museum have that makes you want to spend more than 3 hours visiting? There was SO MUCH stuff! Lots of beautiful old, as in capital O-L-D pieces, like the ORIGINS of glass making and Glass of the Romans and Islamic World.

Personal photos
Lots of videos and live demonstrations and neat little rooms lined with bottles and casserole pans. Lots of shelves filled to the brim with vases and vessels...

Personal photos

My favorite was the contemporary stuff, found in the Glass After 1960 gallery:
Emergence Four-Stage by Dominick Labino
This was made of broken LCD shards and the light danced as you walked by.  Cool! (again, I can't site it.  boo!)

Personal photos
(probably should name the artist but I'm a bad blogger and just took pics, not notes)

Besides the wondrous galleries the museum offers a number of fun classes where you get to take home your creations! We chose the sandblasting class because we could take our pieces home with us on the same day.  All the other classes, like flameworking, glassforming, fusing, and glassblowing (!), you needed to wait a day to get your pieces or have them shipped to you.  So, since we got a late start to the day I made the quick decision to just take the sandblasting class:

Our Sandblasting Creations!
We can't wait to go back and explore more of the Finger Lakes area, maybe do some wine tasting and go back to the museum to do more classes.  Oh, and go back to that jacuzzi.  Have you been to Corning?

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  1. What a great get a way! Next time let's plan for two days and bring some friends! We could go to my favorite steak house in Corning! ;)