Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday Resolutions

"Pronounced, 'MARDY GRAH'"
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Growing up, my family observed Lent - the 6 weeks before Easter Sunday that starts on Ash Wednesday. We would all give up eating between meals, meat on Fridays and something else of your choosing. I like the idea of sacrifice, as a practice in self control, or self reflection. I think a lot of religions and other institutions practice something similar, like fasting or meditation. But, I am not writing a post on religion or spirituality. I'm writing about my Fat Tuesday Resolutions.

These resolutions are similar to New Year's Resolutions, but since the time line is only 6 weeks vs 52 weeks, the outcome is often a little different; it's more of an exercise than a change of life thing. And the hope is that the exercise leads to positive life changes.

Last year my friend, Samantha of SamaSutra, and I gave up pants for Lent. Yep, no pants! I did this because I have a lot of clothes and since I can wear jeans to work I would often take the easy route and rush out the door with jeans, boots and a sweater. For me, it takes a little extra time in the morning to style a skirt or dress and still be comfortable and warm all day. So, this resolution will make me wake up earlier and force my mornings to be a little more thoughtful and hopefully pull out some wardrobe gems that I've been ignoring for way too long.

I am also not allowing myself to buy any clothes at full price. In college, most of my wardrobe was thrifted. And I've completely swung the other way where I don't think I have more than a handful of items that I bought at a second-hand store. I need to find a good balance between the two, because I know I can buy all kinds of things for under $5!

These are some of my favorite fashion blogs where the ladies find a lot of great pieces via thrifting:

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Finally, I need to insist on some nutrion guidelines for myself. I started following the Primal Blueprint in September. I agree with the philosophy of the program and I like how I feel when I'm practicing it. It is a low-carb diet that focuses on real foods - meats and veggies.

I eat processed junk because it's convenient, yummy and addicting:
via Jezebel and a great article about junk food addiction

When I am eating healthy, it's easier to keep it up (just like exercise, practicing viola or waking up early, right?) But, once I give in a few times in a row to candy or chips or french fries it is really hard to reel it back in. So, I'm giving up the processed junk for Lent.

So, if you were keeping count, that's 3 resolutions:

1) No Pants
2) No shopping for "new" or "full-priced" clothes (I really need new "underthings" but I will buy them on sale and not second-hand)
3) No processed junk food

Sounds like lots of fun. Eh. Happy Mardi Gras! Do you "do" Lent?

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  1. in my house... lent was the stuff you got out of the dryer screen before putting the next load in ;)