Friday, February 10, 2012

Arts and Crafts Night: Jewelry Boxes

My obsession with Pinterest started at a time when I found myself a little burned out with painting and started looking into other crafts.  It was a few months ago when we were between the fall and winter sessions of our painting class that I found this DIY tutorial:

via A Beautiful Mess

I changed it up a little bit and made two of these:

I started with the same materials from the tutorial above:

Wooden crate
Cork board (pretty thin)
Fabric (You don't need much, I just bought some sample packs)
Tape measure
Hot glue gun
White paint (I wanted it to match the vanity in my bathroom)
Cup hooks, T-pins and sawtooth hangers

Extra:  twine, thumb tacks, needle nose pliers and little metal "stoppers" I don't have a better word for these, keep reading for explanation in step 6.

Step 1)  Referring back to the original tutorial (linked above) I started by measuring the inside spaces for cutting the cork board and cutting the fabric.  Do this before painting and make sure to test the size of the cork board after cutting for fit. Do this before cutting and gluing the fabric. It should fit in all snug-like without bowing.  

Step 2)  Paint the crate. You can cut the fabric and glue it to the cork board while waiting for the paint to dry.

I didn't bother to paint the backside as I knew that I would be hanging it up.  I did make sure to thoroughly paint the underside of the shelves, since there will be a view the bottom when, ahem, seated in the bathroom.  

Crafting and wine~
Just don't dip your brush into the wine glass instead of the water!

Step 3)  Cut the fabric about an inch bigger than the cork pieces and hot glue to the cork.  I'm not a perfectionist and my corners were a little thick where I folded and glued the fabric, this wasn't a problem when I placed the cork back into the crate.

Step 4)  Place the fabric covered cork into the space, if the fit is loose you can hot glue it, but this might not be necessary.

Step 5)  Screw in the cup hooks by hand.  I had to use a nail and hammer to start the hole, no biggie. This may or may not be necessary. These hooks are good for hanging longer necklaces.  But to hold lots of earrings, I also used the hooks to anchor the twine I strung across the crate:

I did not spend much time measuring or centering the hooks,
but that's just me.

Twine strung across the outside (and inside) for extra storage
Step 6)  This is the step not found in the tutorial on A Beautiful Mess from above. I added twine and some miniature "stoppers" to keep the earrings from slipping to the middle. The "stoppers" are actually tiny little charms from the old necklace pictured in Step 5.  I used a needle nose pliers to hork these off the necklace and then pinch them onto the twine.
I pulled the gems off of the old necklace

These are the tiny "stoppers" I added

Step 6b)  I also strung the twine on the inside of the crate and just pinned the ends in with thumb tacks:

See how the pair of earrings slides to the middle?
That's why I added the "stopper gems" (step 6)

Step 7)  I nailed the sawtooth hangers to the back for hanging on the wall.  Sorry no pic from me -I'm new at this.  There is a pic in the original tutorial. I did take the extra time to measure these so it would hang straight on the wall (assuming I hammered the nails to the wall evenly).

Step 8)  Stab your push pins and T-pins into the cork - I am still rearranging where mine go - but that's what's really nice about the cork board, that the pins are not committed. 

Final products in action:

This is right after I hung them, "hi!"

Pictures taken today, after a couple of months of use

Overall I've been really pleased with them. They look lovely and nicely balanced in the bathroom. The twine and "stoppers" only work so-so. And because of the twine and earrings inside the crate, the rings and little things that hang off the pins in the back cork board are hard to get to - it makes me feel like I have sausage fingers.  The extra earrings storage is worth all the hand stumbling, though.  I have lots of earrings.  

I still have a lot of jewelry that didn't fit in the crates.  I'm trying to create a system where I only keep out the stuff that is in regular rotation and keeping the old or special stuff in another location.  This is currently low on my priority list. 

How do you organize your jewelry?  What do you think of "displaying" it, rather than just storing it?

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