Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Pants Challenge ~ Mix It Up, Mild

The mixed-patterns motif has been revealing its goodness to me all over Pinterest and my favorite everyday fashion blogs.  In seasons past, I would wear an old pair of leopard flats and bravely wear them with easy or soft patterned top, and I thought I was edgy.  But, this new wave of pattern mixing can be beautifully reckless.

Here is just one, of many, high-end runway examples coming out of the the latest collections:

via JustBeMagazine seen at London Fashion Week by Mary Katrantzou
And here is an example of pretty much every model and outfit on the Anthropology website:

Muffin Tops (I Can't Cook)

I really can't cook.  Gawd!  I really can't.

So, since I've been following the Primal Blueprint diet I find breakfast to be a little tough.  We have a cafeteria at work that I can order a custom breakfast, which is usually a fried egg with sausage and tomato.  But, they use a pretty nasty canola spray on the grill top.  In an attempt to make my own breakfast that I can grab-n-go from my fridge I made a recipe from Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint Cookbook, which is very similar to this:

Omelet Muffins
Alright!  Looks yummy! Let's cook!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

No Pants Challenge ~ Week 1

As I mentioned in my Fat Tuesday post, I gave up pants for Lent.  It's a 6 week fashion challenge where I will wear only skirts and dresses.  And maybe leggings - but the jury is still out on that.

Here's the low down of week 1:

Thursday, Feb 23, work wear:  I could have belted the sweater for more structure.  The color of the turtleneck is like a dark magenta or cerise and I paired it with a crocheted skirt and tough girl boots!  I like the dainty-ness of the skirt with the leather and belted boots.  The winter scarf was a necessary accessory since I was still a little sick (I could sneeze into it, yeah, ew).

Still a little red-nosed from being sick...
Friday, Feb 24, work wear:  This is my first try at layering a button-up blouse in a long time.  It's always awkward getting it all on and sitting right, but I like how it wears once you get there.  I now belt everything, which is pretty new for me and totally inspired by all the fashion blogs I read.  Belts are my new scarves!  I loved how the orange belt was the only orange in the whole outfit and was a great pop of color on the teal sweater. 

This long structured skirt only comes out once or twice a year and I need to learn how to boot it, because I didn't like the ankle booties I wore with it this day. I see the ankle booties all over the place and they always feel oversized and sloppy from my view.  In the above pics I am wearing leg warmers, but not here:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Browsing Time

Wasting time on the internet?  Here's some fun stuff!

Couples switching clothes photo shoot!
I found this via Design You Trust by Canadian photographer Hana Pesut
More super fun pictures at the photographer's webpage here!

Do you think I can get Adam to do this with me?  I can't wait to see him in legwarmers and booties!

Hello Kitty may shift during flight!
I found these amazing pictures via TUHInternational
The Hello Kitty Airlines is run by EVA Air, based out of Taipei.

Click here for more Hello Kitty special pictures, including the kids meal.

Silly rugrats.
Artist Yayoi Kusama is responsible for this instillation where the white room meets children with colorful stickers! I found these images at Colossal Art and Design, a blog that I visit most days that always posts the neats.  There are a bunch more of these pics, it gets pretty insane.

Installation view of The obliteration room 2011 as part of 'Yayoi Kusama: Look Now, See Forever', Gallery of Modern Art, 2011 / © Yayoi Kusama, Yayoi Kusama Studio Inc. / Photograph: Mark Sherwood

What are your favorite websites for the time wasting?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Background Check

Is the background of this page making you dizzy?  I've been home sick the last couple of days and have been hacking away at Photoshop. I'm sure real designers cringe when they see amateur work like this - but I had fun, so whatevs.

The grey/light blue chevron design is what More Charming in Person is currently wearing, as of writing this post anyway:

See how I made it all skew-y?
Yeah, that got annoying once I tried to tile it on the background.

For fun here are some other variations:

I'm not sold on the current background so expect it to keep changing. If you have any opinions or PhotoShop pointers, I'd love to hear 'em!

Paleo Smoothie (I can't cook)

Sick, boo! I've been home for the last couple of days being sneezy, congested and a bit whiny and achy  - spreading my germs all over the bedroom and bathroom, the keyboard, mouse and desk, the fridge and the can of nuts... I keep teasing Adam that he's sure to catch it. I made up the guest bed for him to sleep in last night, which he did without any complaints.  (he's still gonna catch it, sorry buddy! lubb you!)

Since I've promised to spend Lent practicing a strict primal diet, I made a paleo smoothie today! No dairy! (Dairy is the difference between Primal and Paleo diets - I will continue to eat some dairy, 'cause yeah, cheese.)

Here's what I did:

1 can of coconut milk
About a teaspoon of raw honey
A big spoonful of raw almond butter
Handful of frozen strawberries
Handful of frozen blueberries
Handful of frozen raspberries
1 banana


Put it all in the blender...

I usually add vanilla, but we are out.  I didn't miss it, but I also can't really taste anything that subtle even when my nose is working properly.  This is the first time I added the nut butter, and I could have added even more.  Yes, I think I can taste it maybe a little bit.

(I made about 3 "servings")


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday Resolutions

"Pronounced, 'MARDY GRAH'"
picture found here

Growing up, my family observed Lent - the 6 weeks before Easter Sunday that starts on Ash Wednesday. We would all give up eating between meals, meat on Fridays and something else of your choosing. I like the idea of sacrifice, as a practice in self control, or self reflection. I think a lot of religions and other institutions practice something similar, like fasting or meditation. But, I am not writing a post on religion or spirituality. I'm writing about my Fat Tuesday Resolutions.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Glassy Eyed

Oh!  I did something really really fun this weekend!  The hubby and I drove to Corning, NY and visited the Corning Museum of Glass. Hoo-Wee! It was FAB-U-LOUS!

This was my first trip to the CMOG (OMG!), even though its just 2.5 hours away from Buffalo.  I've only lived here for 5 years, so it's forgivable, right? We could have used more time to take more classes. We learned that you can use your admission ticket for a second day if you need more time.  I tried really hard to convince Adam to stay in town another night so we could hit up the hotel's jacuzzi again visit the museum again the next day, but we needed to get home to the cats.

Anyway, what can a glass museum have that makes you want to spend more than 3 hours visiting? There was SO MUCH stuff! Lots of beautiful old, as in capital O-L-D pieces, like the ORIGINS of glass making and Glass of the Romans and Islamic World.

Personal photos
Lots of videos and live demonstrations and neat little rooms lined with bottles and casserole pans. Lots of shelves filled to the brim with vases and vessels...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Larry Birds

Ah!  The mailman was my friend last week when this shirt showed up on my stoop:

Bird shirt from ASOS

I found ASOS on Pinterest, I'm pretty sure.  I was impressed with all the interesting shapes and patterns in their catalog.  However, I think the sizes seemed to run a little small (or else I'm running a little big - boo!)

I wore the shirt with my almost black Calvin Klein skinnies and booties. The birds are a rosey-metallic color and I paired it with a blackish-metallic belt. I think all metallics match, or "go together" in a regular old casual Friday outfit.  I got compliments on the shirt all day, from friends and people who usually don't talk to me! ...maybe I'll get promoted. heh. :)

So, I'm still into the jumping pics since it puffs up my hair and raises my, um, chest. Although, I think it hurts my back a little:

These pics make me laugh and the shirt made me smile all day. I think wearing clothes that make you smile is a great strategy to get through these last days (weeks, months) of winter. I NEED WARMTH, and WALKS, and SUNSHINE! Ya feel me???

Friday, February 17, 2012

Monday's Fashion Challenge

On Monday these photos of me appeared on What I Wore's Winter Remix Challenge:

But, it was just pictures without any words.  So, since I have my own blog, I'm-a-gonna put some words here about said challenge.  First, I had a lot of fun putting the outfits together and loved being part of the group of bloggers that submitted their photos!

Next, I really did wear the casual outfit on Sunday before I photographed it, then I put together the other outfit just for the challenge.  Since I will be swearing off pants for Lent (more on that later) I will make sure to actually wear the skirt/ blazer outfit to work sometime before Easter.

I picked up this grey shirt on sale at Target last weekend.  In the casual outfit I used the shirt to add some texture and interest to the grey long sleeved shirt.  It was a comfortable layer - not too tight or bulky.  I liked the monochrome look, as it was perfectly casual with the plastic orange beaded necklace:

For the non-casual look (I'd hate to call it "dressy" or "office"), I layered it over a tight, white tank and tucked it into the black skirt. After adding a belt and a blazer and it was officially remixed! I don't often tuck in, but it's a look that I want to start working with - I've been seeing tops tucked-in on all the outfit blogs I follow. This challenge was a good excuse to try it and to document it.

Do you prefer the white belt or the beige one?  What about the necklace change up?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Put Some Clothes On! ~ Leggins

I have a hard time rockin' the leggings - I ho and hum about wearing them out in public as I just don't know how to style them. I do have a new pair of jeggings (I can't believe this is a real word), but I haven't tried to squeeze into them yet.

So, earlier this week I tried this:  Oversized sweater, belt, leggings, leg warmers and boots.  I ended up changing out the bright orange belt later in the day for a wide white one (no pic, sorry).  I think the orange belt was better anyway.

Also, I'm into jumping pics now:

Happy Valentine's Day

Oops! I totally forgot to wear something red or pink today. Although, I do wear a lot of pink, I'm not usually very gung-ho about dressing up to match any specific holiday. But, darnit! I did want to wear my red pants today.

Adam and I exchanged some simple gifts over the weekend, as neither of us put too much weight behind the lovey-dovey holiday. It is our first Valentine's as husband and wife and I can't wait to spend it with him at our painting class tonight! I'm a very lucky, happy and loved wife.

via College-O-Rama on Etsy
Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wardrobe Challenge! ~ It's live! Can you find me?

The fashion challenge I entered is up and live!

What We Wore Challenge - Winter Remix

There are a ton of photos which all link to a ton of fashion blogs!  It's fun to scroll through for wardrobe ideas and click through the links to feed your internet habit!

I'm going to post my pictures later this week so you first have a chance to find me in the line up...

Leg Warmers

This!  I've been sporting leg warmers for the past few seasons.  And I really hope they are still fun a year from now.
via Roaring Design
via Burda Style
I love the pics where they are worn with jeans - I need to try it and document it!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Color of Buffalo in the Winter

via SYDNE Style (so 2010)

Gray. So neutral. So not black. So wintery, yet perfectly evening no matter the season. When I change out of work clothes or into something warmer for a cold night at home or running errands I will often wear all gray. Lots of comfy clothes come in gray. 

Side Note
As I started writing about my love for gray, 
I had to do a little googling into which way to spell "gray".  
Here's what I learned (in a pretty illustration):

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wardrobe Challenge! ~ Winter Remix, by What I Wore

I love wardrobe challenges!  I have a huge amount of clothes and I challenge myself to purge, or to shop less, or to try to wear something in a couple of different ways. If there's an item that I haven't worn in ages, I will give myself an ultimatum: "Selfyou better wear this shirt/skirt/dress by the end of the week - or else!" OR ELSE!!!!!

I plan to write about a couple of my past experiences with self-imposed challenges, however the challenge I'm working on this weekend is sponsored by a fashion blog that I follow, What I Wore:

"Pick one item from your closet then style and photograph it two ways."

I am working this one out this weekend and writing a follow-up post later next week. It's a lot less daunting than an ultimatum or a big Salvation Army donation. (I'm getting my hair did on Saturday, so I'm going to wait to take pictures after that!)

You should enter with me!!!!! Pleeeeeease?!?!

Click here for the rules and how-to and also send me your pics so I can post them here, too!  Fun! Fun! Hurry up!