Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Blog is Fresh!

Hello! Thanks for visiting “More Charming in Person”. I’m Molly and this is my first post on my new blog.

Hi there!

Why did I name my blog More Charming in Person? I’ve used this phrase to describe myself for at least a decade. When emailing, social networking and instant messaging were shiny and new, I wanted to jump in and be everyone’s witty and popular online friend! Yet, I found it really tough; I would constantly second-guess my responses and write and rewrite all of my profile info. I was afraid of sounding cliché, annoying or worse: dry and boring. I lost my “edge” and my confidence sank when logging-in.

 I am a true extrovert and I love nothing more than a good face-to-face conversation. I use a lot of facial expression and body language when conversing and find that visual and physical feedback is essential for a gratifying colloquy. I gain energy from sharing stories and observations. I love to listen to others talk about their own family and relationships, travel adventures, eating habits or even work drama and I tend to ask a lot of questions. Sometimes I want to tread lightly and venture into personal issues and the best way to talk about personal things is in person.

 The spontaneity that accompanies verbal conversation adds to its intimacy where as typing it out makes communication permanent and predictable. When I speak I dangle my participles, spoil my tenses and “run-on” my sentences without flinching. I’m not a grammar-holic and I’m sure I misuse punctuation and sentence structure all the time. But, I try to pay attention to the nuances of the written language when I type because it’s easier to read. DON’T U HATE WHEN PEOPLE WRITE IN ALL CAPS? OR USE TXTING ACRONYMS 4 REAL WORDS? It’s hard on the eyes and on the flow of the story. However, everything I type (and retype) is deliberate and intentional and therefore not as charming as real words that come with a smile and a hug.

 So, why would an extrovert want to stay home and write a blog? I’ve always enjoyed writing but needed an outlet to practice it. I’d love to write a novel someday, but first I have to just write every day. I have been looking for a quiet-time activity; something that forces me into some introverted special “me” time (other than mindlessly surfing the internet while drinking wine and horking my spinal alignment). To find new music, arts and crafts, and style ideas I turn to the interwebs – don’t you? Although I do read browse online magazines and all types of brand names shopping sites, I prefer to find inspiration from all kinds of personal “hobby” blogs rather than from big corporate sponsored websites. So, my goal of this blogging experiment is to foster a writing hobby and boost my electronic-persona confidence all by sharing my thoughts and inspirations on More Charming in Person.

 With a smile and a hug,


  1. Hi there. Good for you for the discipline of blogging. My son has been blogging for over three years now. His is a blog on writing.

    I really like your signature. Very well designed and utterly personal.

    1. Send me a link to your son's blog!

  2. Hi Molly! I just found your blog through Pinterest (see? it IS working!) I'm going to add you to my Bloglovin' list so I can see whenever you post. If you haven't discovered it yet, check it out... I find it great for making sure I can easily see what all the blogs I want to follow have posted. Sometimes it gets away from me though, like yesterday when I had over 200 posts to go through, but at least I could see what I'd missed if I didn't have the time to read everything! P.S. This is Mary just incase you didn't realise! :)