Friday, January 27, 2012

Is it Ombre or Dip Dye?

Hair!  You might have noticed from my profile picture that I am sporting some hot pink hair!

But I've only dyed the bottom halves.  Well, it's all dyed, as my exact hair color is unknown, but I can confirm that the true color is somewhere between mousey and blah.

If you search for Ombre hair you will find a lot of celebs where the ends are lighter than the roots.  Some look pretty great:

Drew Barrymore via The Frisky
Rachel Bilson via Style Bistro

Other versions look a litte dirty, perhaps:

Jessica Simpson via LaLaLuxeSalon

Ashlee Simpson via Style.mtv

What about "dip dye"?  I think this description is a little more specific about adding color or not doing the expected fade from light to dark.  When I first bleached and dyed the ends I tried a "GaGa" yellow, but the color didn't hold.  It actually ended up fading to a real ombre style:

This is the ONLY pic I could find of myself before the pink...  
Can you see it?  The blonde?  I circled it for you.
So, I went back to my girl, Kristin (at Fawn and Fox Salon), and she bleached it some more and we decided to go with the hot pink!  This is not the first time I've been hot pink.  About 8ish years ago I dyed the underside of my hair hot pink.  I can't find a pic of that, either.  (I'd have to scan something - ugh- that's so 2011).   This pink was hot hot hot for the first few weeks, but has started to fade.  I'm really liking how the color is changing to a softer pink:  

Me and my thin pink hair

How about some other great dip dye styles:
Via Buzzfeed
Via Fashionista

Via HelloUsDaily

Fun pink! Found pics on Tumblr -
nevermind the hair, look at those cheekbones!!

Apparently, no smiling allowed when you pose with your dip dyed hair.  I didn't get that memo.

So, what do you think?  Too trendy?  Does it even matter?  I think it's pretty fun, without being too obnoxious.   I'm going to keep it pink for awhile, then try some other colors.  Maybe yellow again (so I can document it), and maybe blue or red, too.  

However, I want to tell you that I was in an elevator at work yesterday and a fellow employee (I don't know his name) said in the middle of the ever-present smile-and-nod-silence found in workplace elevators throughout the free world, "Looks like your hair is on fire".  

I hung out in that silence space for a moment longer than the comfortable limit and finally flashed a smile and said "Thanks!"  Although, I wasn't really sure it was a compliment.  Good thing we were only elevator-ing for 1 floor and I didn't have to come up with something else to say.  Elevators and fire are not a good combination, and I might have pressed the emergency button and forced the doors open in a dramatic attempt to escape the fire on my head.  No, not really.  There are only 2 floors at work.  I should have just taken the stairs.

 So, do you think I am donning an ombre or a dip dye look?

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  1. Your hair is definitely a dip dye, not ombre at all. Ombre is usually more subtle with a more gradual colour change from dark to light. Your hair looks cute though :)